Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homestead Oak Spring Decorating- Designer Tips to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

Add Soft Colors, Fresh Flowers, and Delicate Fabrics for Spring

A new spring season invites changes to your home with fresh spring decorating. Spring calls for delicate colors and soft fabrics. Read what well-known designers recommend to freshen up your home for Spring.
When asked about inexpensive changes to freshen up a bedroom or living room for Spring, we got lots of great suggestions. Which ones will work for your home?
·         Use color and paint on walls, furniture, or trim. Use neutral ground but introduces aqua blues and spring greens. With outdoor colors coming inside, how about bring in a piece of outdoor furniture, too? It will bring in a new interesting texture.
·         I love color and patterns. Take a clue from fashion catalogues and use the colors and patterns in your home. Avoid "pasty pales or deep dark drenched colors" and choose a mid tone. Use organic color to cheer up an uninteresting neutral space. Think of "Mother Nature" and go to the colors you see outside.
Use colorful patterned pillows on a "neutral chenille or canvas couch." Get rid of the fussy beads and fringe. "Let color and pattern do the talking... a crazy hot pink, magenta, marigold and cobalt madras plaid.... a chartreuse, plum and teal floral. These bold ingredients distract the eye." Revive a boring old sofa.
·         Use paint it's cheap, you can do the job yourself, and it creates a major change. I suggest that you "try a color you've never tried before -- kiwi green or a pale violet -- something you've always wanted to try. A couple of gallons of paint is a very inexpensive experiment."
·         "Lighten up!" That means colors, fabrics, and flow. Everything should be clean and refreshing, light and tranquil. Choose sheer fabrics, linens, and open weave textiles. Move from ceramic to crystal and glass, either contemporary or traditional.
And, "nothing says Spring more than fresh flowers. Make sure to be consistent with creating arrangements. Choose a color scheme, like all white, instead of mixing bouquets, use the same type flower in one glass container with a beautiful white satin or grosgrain ribbon wrapped around it."
Without spending much money, you can give a fresh spring look to your home. What a lovely thought!

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