Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring is the Air....Well we Hope!

Finally some sun...then rain, and ugh snow...What can you do with this weather?
How about Home and Garden shows? Home Improvement Magazines, garden books?   These are great inspirations to help us get through this moody weather.    Home and Garden Shows are my favorite, I have to say that I am sucker for them.   When you are thinking about your new home, it’s the perfect place to window shop, to dream a little. And to get inspired.   It’s also a great place to find out your style, find your price point.
This years’ home shows have been full of great new products.  And the word “Green” is everywhere and on everything.    Why?  Simply, it saves you money.   And with the way the economy is, they will do anything to keep your business.   Some may feel that its just a sales gimmick.   But fact is the Green movement is here and here to stay.   The Green movement has made companies take a second look at their products.   They have become more aware of their use on materials and resources and going back to basics, to make it healthier.  Innovation is what makes the green movement work, and it’s great to see companies think outside the box.  And you the consumer benefit from it.  

Big things at the home show were Solar panels, Wind turbines, which yes is a great investment but do your research.   Also product materials that last longer. Ceramic Roofing, recycled material for  decking.  Quality products.  I am happy to see that.

 So take the time to comparison shop, read the back grounds to the product.  Always make sure that the company is what they say, look for seals, labels, and accreditations.   Ask for testimonials, locations that you can visit.   As I went out to look, I have found some great companies that I can’t wait to share with you.  I will be doing the some of the research for you and post links for you to check out.   So happy looking and let me know what you find!   

Julie McClymonds

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